I created this blog as a means to post some of the cels that I have acquired and tried to acquire over the years in my hobby of collecting anime cels.  It’s going to focus primarily just on those from the Dragon Ball series but others may sneak their way in from time to time.  I also want to spread knowledge of the hobby and the dying art of cel animation.  Plus it’s a good place to get lots of cool db/z/gt images!  Yes, it’s a very geeky blog.  I guess it will detail and chronicle my hobby as well as serve as a sort of DBZ fan page.  I have no idea exactly but I seem to have more to say in each entry than I was originally expecting!  If you would like to have your own gallery linked to on here or if you would like to have one of your own cels featured, feel free to contact me anytime at robdanpowell@gmail.com and I would be happy to oblige.

I think it goes without saying to mention that Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT and all copyrights, trademarks therein are the property of TOEI Animation and licensed by Funimation.  In some circumstances I have owned or do own the cels, but many of the images on this blog are not my own.  They were mostly taken from private slaes, auctions, etc. and I didn’t rip them off from any site.  The owners of these cels change hands quite often so linking specifically to any one without request is impossible.


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