The Case of Dragon Ball Room – (Part 2)

5 03 2010

So this blog will be less blog and more image gallery! Haha.  Here is another sampling of the wonderful cels from a Japanese gallery that no longer exists online.  Read more about it in the first part.  Anyway, this time I’ll show you the rarest cel probably ever.  And this guy has it.  SSJ2 Gohan doing the one-handed Kamehameha in his fight against Perfect Cell with his father behind him.  Wow.  In fact, that’s today’s theme haha.  I’m going to show you a lot of Goku/Gohan cels that were in this guy’s gallery.  This is not all of them, just all I managed to save before his gallery was taken offline.  In reality he had seven or so shots of Goku after he teleports over by Gohan.  Nearly the entire animation sequence.  Also today is the rarest type of cel.  A harmony cel.  In reality it’s not a cel at all, but a painted background, usually found at the end of episodes.

Also, instead of clips of the actual scenes, I have included one of the best DBZ music videos of all time which is all about Goku and Gohan.  In fact, in the future I’ll post some of my favorites.  This one is from a great guy who goes by the name XDannyPooX online and runs  He made this video as a tribute to his father who died and it’s actually quite moving.  It’s called “My Resolution.”   Check out the video above, you’ll be glad you did.

Oh yeah and here are all those fantastic cels I told you about too.

Goku says goodbye to his friends...

Goku teleports over by Gohan to tell him he did a good job...

... and to say goodbye.

Gohan and Goku relaxing before the fight with Cell...

A beautiful Harmony cel of Goku and Gohan training in the ROSAT. Click for a HUGE image.

Ka... me... ha... me... HAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!




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