Cel of the Day – SSJ3 Goku Kamehameha

2 03 2010

Okay, so by now you may have noticed that Cel of the Day is not to be taken literally.  It’s more like cel of the week or every third day or something.  Cel of the moment perhaps?  Oh well.  Point is, today’s cell is another one that I once owned.  SSJ3 Goku KameHameHa pan cel.

The only one I've ever seen.

I got real lucky with this one.  Not only was it a SSJ3 Goku, which is probably my favorite form of his, but it was a Kame Hame Ha stance/pose to boot!  It’s actually the only cel I’ve ever seen for sale of Goku in the Super Saiyan 3 form performing (or in this case, having just performed) the Kame Hame Ha.  Ever.  Since I started to now.  Which is kind of surprising considering I have thousands of images of cels on my computer.  My way of coming across this is kind of sketchy in my mind.

I found a french collector through a mutual friend who was selling some very rare cels (you should see some of the others I got/could of got).  Not only were they rare, but the prices were pretty great too.  I nabbed this one up real quick.  Only let down is that it didn’t come with a sketch, original background or the smoke layer that’s supposed to be behind him.  Another downer is that it was a pan cel but has been trimmed at his ankles for some reason.  Unless it was some kind of weird thing where the A1 cel was a full pan and then A2 was only slightly trimmed or something.  Maybe it was a correction layer.  I don’t know.  But it is slightly oversized and appears to have been cut so that’s what I’m going to say.  It was trimmed I tell ya!  That’s okay though, it was a stunning cel and looked great in a frame.  I can’t find a picture of it in it’s frame at the moment though so sorry.

For those wondering, this cel takes place at the end of DBZ in the English Dub episode “Minute of Desperation.”  Goku is fighting Kid Buu on the Kai planet and has just released a huge explosive Kame hame Ha.  Goku is tired and a bit dumbfounded by the fact that his efforts appear to have no real affect on Kid Buu.  However, Buu’s attempt to knock it back did fail and it obliterated his appendages!  For those who’d like to see it!  Here’s a video!  The cel appears @ 1:16




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