The Case of Dragon Ball Room – (Part 1)

28 02 2010

There was once a Japanese Dragon Ball cel gallery on the internet that was truly stunning.  The man who ran it had some of the most rare and incredible cels from the most pivotal and memorable scenes from throughout the entire series.  Including the original Dragon Ball and GT.  In a case of misunderstanding, he translated an american forum who were in awe of his cels and thought that they were talking poorly of him.  He became offended and made a single post on the forum saying how he felt.  Of course, none of the collectors actually meant any harm, but these pages don’t translate perfectly when using an online translator like Babel Fish.  I am not sure if this led to the shutting down of his gallery or not, but a few months after the incident it disappeared off the internet.  It could have been a mixture of that and him getting offers for the cels even though he had no intention of selling them.  Well, luckily I happened to save a lot of the images from the site before it disappeared.  I don’t know of anyone else having them so I thought I’d share.  I’ll post some more of them in the coming days.  But by no means is this all of them.  Unfortunately, I don’t have even a fraction of what was on that site.  The man literally had some of the best I have ever seen.  Including SSJ2 Gohan doing the One-Handed KameHameHa with his father against Perfect Cell.  Yeah.  Really.  So, below are a few of the amazing cels that were in what was, in my opinion, the best Dragon Ball Cel Gallery on the internet.  But do not worry.  As Yoda might say, “There is another.”

I don’t have all of the images, so if anyone out there has some more from this gallery they’d like to share please contact me!  Go to the About section for information on how to do that.  I’d love to see some of the other ones again!  There’s more to come so stay tuned!  Click the images below to see them larger!

Goku stopping Vegeta as he sense Buu's power!

Letting Babidi transform him into Majin Vegeta.

Cyborg 17 swipes the controller from Dr. Gero

Probably the best SSJ Gohan cel ever from Movie 10.

SSJ2 Gohan is coming for Cell!

This was the site's title card.




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